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Technical support and knowledge base

Whether you need help in setting up your email accounts, want to know about web servers or need to get in touch with our support teams, you’ll find our support pages should help you out.


E-mail Setup in Thunderbird

Thunderbird 3.0 Setup

You can have anywhere up to 20 email accounts set up for your domain. Each account holds a capacity of 20MB. If you require more email accounts in future please follow the same route as you have done today by requesting these here: Support Section

In order to allow you to get the best from these accounts we suggest you set them up to Outlook or Entourage. However, you can also access them online using a browser. The link for this is below the step by step guide I have provided to assist you on setting your accounts up.

Step 1:

Go to File> New> Mail Account

The following box will show. Enter your details accordingly:

thunderbird setup

Step 2:

Thunderbird will then search for the correct information for the server. This will fail.

thunderbird setup

Select Edit and set Incoming and Outgoing to mail.webcreationuk.com or mail2.webcreationuk.com. Make sure POP is selected and the port number is set to 110 then select manual Setup:

thunderbird setup

Step 3:

Add all details as below and then select Outgoing Server which is in the left menu and click Edit:

thunderbird setup

Step 4:

Again copy details below using your own username:

thunderbird setup

You can access your accounts remotely via http://mail.webcreationuk.com/ or http://mail2.webcreationuk.com and use your email address and password to log in.

For additional help with Thunderbird, please refer to the http://www.mozillamessaging.com/en-GB/thunderbird/ for more assistance from Mozilla.

If your Internet Service Provider is requesting you to use their outgoing mail server, please follow their instructions.

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